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Our Story

Starts in a Venetian Bottega (boutique) number 270 in a historical palace number 270 located on the island of Venice.
Inspired by all forms of art and design between the occidental and oriental world, we created a platform for Ethic brands in fashion, beauty, and home-wears, bringing a unique selection of their exclusive products mixed together in an attractive display that connecting overcoming theme to evoke a lifestyle that appeals to a specific target audience and promote them nationally and internationally. 
Bottega270 mainly targets Saudi and Middle Eastern Market beside the Italian and European markets, presenting high quality of womenswear, menswear, kidswear, homeware, and accessories.
Selecting locally made brands, with authentic inspiration from heritage, culture, creating a contemporary fashion for those who have a modest approach to dressing in mind to express your originality, style, and values through how you choose to dress.


Enas Elkorashy, Italian fashion designer and artist based in Venice with Arabic origins, studied fashion design in Italy in 2013 after her graduation from fine arts in 2008. She has a Big Passion for the Fashion Future especially in Saudi Arabia and a strong belief in talents all over the world. Elkorashy believes that she can give opportunities to unique designers from all over the world that they can add something new to the fashion industry.